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Breast Augmentation

Introduction to Breast Augmentation

Many women believe that a small chest makes them less feminine, so those lacking in this area often desire a shapelier body, which can create perkier and more prominent breasts. If you are unhappy with the size, shape, or overall aesthetic of your breasts, Dr. Ogilvie is here to help. At our Chicago practice, breast augmentation is one of our most commonly requested procedures. Dr. Ogilvie specializes in breast augmentation using either saline or silicone implants to achieve the most natural look for bodily proportions. 


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What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure involving the placement of implants under soft breast tissue to add volume and/or shape to the overall structure of the breast. It can help correct uneven sizing between breasts, restore breast shape and volume caused by major events such as childbirth, weight loss, or general aging, or improve overall self-confidence and body image.

Modern techniques and innovative implant technologies mean that modern breast augmentation patients can enjoy results that look and feel exceptionally natural.

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Steps of Selecting Your Implants

Ogilvie Plastic Surgery wants you to have the right breasts. Bigger doesn’t always mean better and can even cause significant damage that would have to be rectified with further surgeries. Breast augmentation results should feel as though they are individually tailored to your anatomy and desired final look. Achieving that level of customizability means patients have various options when planning their breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Ogilvie will help you select the correct type of implant for you that will result in an overall natural look while giving you the proportions you desire.

Type of Implant

Implants come in two primary forms, saline or silicone-filled, which have different characteristics.

  • Saline Implants are filled with saltwater. They tend to be firmer but can usually be inserted through smaller incisions.
  • Silicone Implants tend to be more favored by patients and surgeons because they look and feel more natural than their saline counterparts.

Implant Size and Shape

Dr. Ogilvie will take several detailed measurements to determine your implant’s proper size and shape. The goal is to assess your current and optimal proportions for the best implant size and shape. In your initial consultation, you may show pictures or examples of your desired breast goals.

Implant Placement

Implants may be placed either above or below the chest muscle. Placement below the muscle has been shown to limit various complications, namely rippling or capsular contracture (significant scarring). Dr. Ogilvie will help you determine the best placement for your implants depending on your individual body type and risk level.

Incision Placement

Typically, two incision types are used for implant placement:

  • Inframammary (underneath the breast)
  • Areolar (around the nipple)

Both incisions have advantages; which is best for you will be determined based on your anatomy and personal preferences.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Augmentation?

Patients undergo breast augmentation for a wide variety of personal reasons. Therefore, the benefits of breast augmentation will vary from patient to patient. Generally speaking, some of the most common benefits of this procedure include:

  • Improved symmetry of the breasts.
  • Patients often notice a more aesthetically pleasing overall profile.
  • Because of changes in your proportions, finding clothes that fit (or fit into your favorite clothes) may be easier.
  • Improvements in confidence and self-esteem.
  • A more youthful-looking overall appearance.

Who Are the Best Candidates For Breast Augmentation?

The decision to undergo cosmetic breast surgery is personal. If you are contemplating this surgery, you must do it for yourself. You should be healthy with breasts that are formed and be the right age to get implants. 

If you are dissatisfied with the shape of your chest because it looks deflated, you may benefit from breast augmentation surgery. In addition, if your breasts have changed due to aging, nursing, or weight loss, this treatment can bring them back to life with increased shape and fullness. It is also a welcomed solution if you work out with weights or lack native breast tissue.

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Breast Augmentation First Step

What’s the First Step?

Ogilvie Plastic Surgery wants to help you reach your desired body! Please schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Ogilvie. During this consultation, Dr. Ogilvie will be able to review your medical history and assess the achievable aesthetic benefits based on your goals while also reviewing any potential complications and risks prior to scheduling your surgery.

Once the initial consultation is complete, you can begin discussing the next steps with Dr. Ogilvie. To get started on your breast augmentation transformation, schedule your visit online or call us to set up your consultation.

What to Expect on the Day of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is routinely performed as an outpatient procedure, meaning patients can return home the same day that surgery is performed.

Anesthesia – Breast augmentation can be performed with either oral, IV, or general anesthesia to keep you the most comfortable during the procedure.

Incision – Dr. Ogilvie uses an areolar or inframammary incision to place implants.

Closure – Incisions are typically closed with sutures.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Several post-surgical instructions will be discussed at your initial consultation to improve your results. It may take a few days to return to normal activity after augmentation, and most return to work in one week, depending on the physical activity of their employment. Hard or strenuous activity is usually postponed for several weeks. Most breast augmentation patients report a significant increase in confidence and self-esteem after the procedure.

Breast Augmentation Cost

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in Chicago, IL?

Ogilvie Plastic Surgery takes into account the complexity of the individual’s case and the extent of the surgical work necessary to achieve the desired results. Dr. Ogilvie can provide a quote for your breast augmentation after your initial consultation.

At Ogilvie Plastic Surgery, our patients should have affordable access to healthcare services. Everyone deserves to feel great and confident about themselves. To make things even more convenient for you, we also provide financing solutions via CareCredit®, a flexible healthcare financing option.

Why Choose Dr. Ogilvie?

Dr. Michael Ogilvie grew up in Illinois and is a proud member of the Chicago community. A core belief in compassionate care and education drives him. Whether a quick BOTOX® injection or breast augmentation and tummy tuck, he spends time with all his patients to ensure they understand every aspect of their procedure. 

Dr. Ogilvie graduated from the University of Chicago’s esteemed Pritzker School of Medicine in 2006 and has been a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon from the American Board of Plastic Surgery since 2018. Dr. Ogilvie also holds an MBA from the Chicago University Booth School of Business and received his BA from Harvard University, where he graduated cum laude in Biomedical Sciences.

By ensuring that you know what to expect from your procedure, Dr. Ogilvie can help you reach your personal beauty goals in a way that looks entirely natural. As a board-certified plastic surgeon and active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Illinois Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Ogilvie has earned the respect of his peers and the trust of his patients. 


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