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The Journey to a Confident You with Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin can sometimes be a challenge, especially when it comes to achieving the body shape you desire. Many people struggle with body areas that are difficult to tone or enhance, even with rigorous exercise and diet. This is where Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery emerges as a transformative solution. At Ogilvie Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL, Dr. Michael Ogilvie and our experienced team are committed to helping you overcome these challenges. Offering BBL surgery, we provide a path to enhanced self-esteem and a more balanced body profile. Let’s explore what BBL surgery is, its […]

Will Breast Augmentation Improve the Symmetry of My Breasts?

Asymmetrical breasts, a condition with a noticeable difference in the size or shape of a person’s breasts, can sometimes be a source of self-consciousness. This common concern brings many individuals to seek the help of experienced practitioners like Dr. Michael Ogilvie at Ogilvie Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL. If you have been pondering the prospect of achieving more harmonious breast symmetry through breast augmentation, we’re here to help. Let’s explore how this procedure could be your pathway to correcting asymmetrical breasts and attaining your desired balanced look. HOW CAN BREAST AUGMENTATION ADDRESS UNEQUAL BREASTS? Breast augmentation offers a promising solution for those grappling […]

Do I Have Enough Fat to Get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dreaming of a fuller, more shapely buttocks? If you’re considering a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), you may be wondering if you have enough fat to achieve the desired results. At Ogilvie Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL, double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Michael Ogilvie understands this concern and can help you better understand whether you may be an ideal candidate for BBL surgery. Keep reading to learn more about how much fat may be needed for a BBL, where it is harvested from, and other important details about the procedure. HOW DOES A BBL WORK? BBL surgery is a popular body contouring […]

Can Breast Augmentation Help Improve Sagging Breasts?

Drooping of the breasts, more formally known as breast ptosis, is one of the most common cosmetic concerns reported by women each year. Unfortunately, this problem is largely unavoidable and is often associated with aging, breastfeeding, or weight fluctuation — including that associated with pregnancy. While breast sagging may not be entirely preventable, cosmetic surgery offers the exciting opportunity to improve or even reverse breast ptosis, helping to restore a more youthful look and boosted self-esteem. At Ogilvie Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Ogilvie performs a full suite of customizable breast enhancement surgeries to […]

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