Financing Information

At this practice, we believe our patients should have affordable access to healthcare services. Everyone deserves to feel great and confident about themselves. We offer financing options so that you can afford the best possible care and services.

CareCredit can be a valuable financial solution for individuals considering plastic surgery services. As a flexible healthcare financing option, CareCredit empowers patients to embark on their transformational journey with ease. With competitive interest rates and convenient payment plans, CareCredit offers the financial flexibility to accommodate various budget constraints. This accessibility makes it possible for prospective plastic surgery patients to access life-enhancing procedures, such as breast augmentation, liposuction, or facelifts, without the burden of immediate, out-of-pocket expenses. Moreover, CareCredit provides a seamless application process, quick approval, and can be used across a vast network of healthcare providers. Whether you're seeking to enhance your self-esteem, restore confidence, or rejuvenate your appearance, CareCredit can be the key to realizing your aesthetic goals, ensuring that you can prioritize your well-being and achieve the transformative results you desire. Invest in yourself and your future with CareCredit, making your plastic surgery dreams a reality while managing your finances responsibly.

We're here to facilitate your financing application process through a range of flexible choices. Our financing packages feature straightforward conditions, 0% or economical interest rates, and versatile payment alternatives that suit any financial plan. To make things even more convenient for you, we also provide financing solutions via CareCredit®.

CareCredit is a company that provides patients with credit for their elective procedures, offering short-term, 0% interest payment plans and low-interest, extended payment plans. CareCredit has no up-front costs, no fees, and no pre-payment penalties.

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