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About Face Lift

A facelift is one of the world's most popular and well-known plastic surgery procedures. Designed to make you appear more youthful by eliminating lines, wrinkles, and excess skin, facelift procedures can be tailored to provide natural-looking results with reasonable downtime.

Introduction to Facelift

Patients interested in facelift procedures often desire to address common signs of aging. Some signs of aging may include deep lines and wrinkles, excess or drooping skin, bulges, or fat loss in specific areas.

Depending on your desired outcome, you may wish to address specific areas of your face or take a more generalized approach. Patients who undergo a facelift look naturally younger, more radiant, and more energized.

A facelift procedure requires careful planning to create the best possible final results.

How to Get Started on my Facelift?

That process with Dr. Ogilvie starts early, with your consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Ogilvie will take a very detailed analysis of your face and suggest an approach that will work for your personal and unique physiology.

During your consultation, you will also have the opportunity to articulate your vision for your transformation and what you expect from your facelift procedure. Dr. Ogilvie will take the time to thoroughly answer any questions you might have about your facelift procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate for Facelift?

Good candidates for facelift procedures are usually attempting to address some common signs of aging, including lines and wrinkles, drooping skin (such as jowls), bulges, and predictable fat loss. Many patients feel these signs of aging may develop too early; they don’t feel as old as they might look. Facelift surgery is used to help patients look as young as they feel.

Several approaches to facelift procedures are available, some of which favor less invasive techniques. However, candidates for facelift surgery should be prepared to take some time off of work immediately following their surgery.

Procedure Expectations

Closing the Incisions — Once the incision is made, excess skin can be removed, and other tissues moved back into a more youthful placement. Once that work is complete, the incisions are closed with sutures, and potentially are some locations with surgical staples.

Patients who are good candidates for a facelift will typically:

  • Notice significant lines and wrinkles across the face (in broad, non-localized areas)
  • Notice that lines and wrinkles are significantly deep
  • Will not be able to achieve desired results with injectable options
  • Have a degree of excess tissue, some of which may be drooping in places
  • Be concerned with out-of-position bulges of fat or loss of fat beneath the skin (especially
  • manifests around the eyes)
  • Be generally healthy enough for surgery
  • Maintain realistic expectations throughout the process

If you want your face to look significantly–and more permanently–younger and think you’re a good candidate for a facelift, contact our offices to set up an appointment with Dr. Ogilvie.

The Facelift Procedure

Facelift procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, meaning patients can return home once the immediate effects of the anesthesia wear off. In most cases, there is no overnight hospital stay involved in a facelift procedure. Therefore, the vast majority of recovery is experienced in the comfort of your home.

Facelift surgery usually follows these steps:

Anesthesia — In most cases, patients are given general anesthesia. In some cases where less invasive techniques are used, patients might be given local anesthesia with a sedative. Approaches to anesthesia are always discussed with Dr. Ogilvie.

Incision – All facelift incisions extend around the back of the ear. Depending on how extensive a transformation is required, the incision in front of the ear may extend from just in front of the earlobe to the temporal hairline.

Recovery and Result

Results — Recovery from facelift surgery may take several weeks. In most cases, swelling and bruising will subside in 7-14 days (depending on the incision approach taken). Once recovery is complete, you will notice that your face looks transformed; facelifts will generally take 10-15 years off your face, depending on the approach. While no surgical result is permanent, facelift results tend to last 5-10 years before any signs of aging recur.

To get started on your facelift process–and start taking those years off your face–contact the office of Dr. Ogilvie to schedule a consultation. During your consultation with Dr. Ogilvie, you’ll decide on the best approach to achieve your youthful transformation.

Contact Dr. Ogilvie

Every plastic surgery procedure, facelift included, begins with a consultation. During your consultation with Dr. Ogilvie, you will discuss the best ways to achieve your overall final look.

Once the initial consultation is complete, you can begin discussing the next steps with Dr. Ogilvie. Contact us to set up your consultation to get started on your facelift transformation.

Liposuction results are incredible & Ogilvie & staff are wonderful! - Dr. Ogilvie was wonderful as was his staff! They’re kind, take their time with you and never dismiss any of your concerns. They go above and beyond to not only make sure you’re comfortable when you’re in their care but also when you’re home. I was so comfortable knowing that if I ever had a question or concern, they were always available. Dr. Ogilvie makes everything easy to understand and the cherry on top: the results are incredible!

J. RealSelf

Extremely satisfied. Dr. Ogilvie was extremely helpful and really took his time to answer all my questions. I'm definitely coming back.

N. Google

My results are phenomenal and even better than I hoped for - I have been a patient of Dr. Ogilvie for several years and have had various procedures done and I must say, I am always extremely happy with my results. The most recent procedure I had was 360 liposuction and an OG Curve BBL.Let me start by saying, Dr. Ogilvie is truly an artist and an extremely gifted plastic surgeon. Dr. O and his staff are extremely welcoming, warm, professional, knowledgeable, and informative. They take the time to listen to you, understand what you are looking for, and answer any and all of your questions. They make the entire process as smooth and stress-free as possible, it really was a wonderful and seamless experience from start to finish.Special shoutout to his PA Lauren, who is extremely caring and always there to answer any questions I had. Lauren and Dr. O made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Dr. Ogilvie is extremely honest, realistic, and down to earth with a less-is-more approach, and his bedside manner is impeccable. I have to admit at first I was nervous to undergo such a significant procedure, particularly because I did not want to look fake or overdone. After meeting with him and his staff about this procedure, I felt extremely confident and at ease with his advice and his plan and was instantly ready to move forward. I trusted him completely throughout the entire process and knew I was in the best hands.My results are phenomenal and even better than I hoped for. Dr. O and his staff called to check on me after my surgery and made sure to let me know that they were just a text or phone call away if I needed anything at all or had any questions. The patient care was outstanding from start to finish.Dr. O is a perfectionist with his work and I am truly in awe of my results. He ABSOLUTELY nailed it! I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Ogilvie and Ogilvie Plastic Surgery and would never trust anyone else with my care. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon, do yourself a favor and book a consultation with him today!

P. RealSelf

Doctor Ogilvie and his staff always make me feel very comfortable and secure. Always a friendly face, always there to answer your questions. I’m extremely happy with his work (implants)

S.R. Google

Breast reduction went as planned & I'm very happy with results - I cannot recommend Dr. Ogilvie enough. I met with several plastic surgeons in Chicago before finding him. His evaluation was very thorough. My surgery went as planned and I have been very happy with the results. Dr. Ogilvie is an experienced and talented surgeon.

I. RealSelf


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How much does a facelift cost?

The total cost of your facelift will depend on the technique used. In your consultation, Dr. Ogilvie will develop your unique treatment plan to match your needs and goals. Once this is complete, he can discuss estimates of fees. To avoid results that look unnatural, it's better to focus on finding an experienced surgeon, like Dr. Ogilvie, instead of the cheapest price. Ogilvie Plastic Surgery can help you find low-interest medical financing that will make your facelift affordable.

Which technique is best for me?

The best technique for you will depend on your concerns, goals, degree of skin laxity, which areas are being addressed, and other factors. To produce your best results, Dr. Ogilvie will go over the different surgical techniques during your consultation. He will then help you choose which technique is best for you.

Should I get a surgical or nonsurgical facelift?

While there are several great noninvasive skin tightening procedures, these can only give you small improvements. For moderate to severe skin sagging, facelift surgery is the best choice to improve your appearance. In your consultation, Dr. Ogilvie will discuss your choices, including nonsurgical treatments, to help you decide what is best for your goals.

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